Drop in Truck Bed Liners — 5 Advantages

December 12, 2020 by No Comments

Drop in truck bed liners are an easy way to protect your truck bed from marks and rust. Any kind truck bedline of hauling is an opportunity to scratch your bed paint and start the downhill rust control. Use your truck for hauling and keep it looking good with a bed ship. But why would you choose a drop in ship rather than a apply on ship or some other ship?

Some Advantages of Drop In bed Liners

  1. Drop in liners are customized to fit your truck. No “universal fit” liners, but a genuine custom fit for your model truck. The downside is that older trucks or odd trucks will have no ship available for those models.
  2. Plastic liners are thick and extremely tough, virtually indestructible. Transport most any rough products and these liners will resist the job. If after much hard use the ship needs replacing, that’s easy to do. On the other hand, a apply on ship is “permanent” so if it maintains serious damage it must be repaired since it are not replaced.
  3. A thick plastic ship soft cushions the bed from impact damage. What would dimple and ding an unprotected bed may do no damage at all to a plastic ship. The thick plastic develops the stress over a larger area and prevents dings and dents.
  4. A custom bed ship looks good and maintains it’s appearance over a long time. A bed ship actually can improve the look of your truck. Change that bland painted look to a cool custom ship look.
  5. Successful in any kind of weather. Neither snowfall, sun, rain or will get will bother this ship. Plus you can clean with just a quick wash off with a garden hose. Just make sure the bed drains work so water isn’t trapped under the ship.
  6. Cheap is good. Compare a drop in ship to a apply on ship and you’ll usually find the plastic ship is considerably less expensive. Custom liners come in different designs, not all are one piece. Some are made in parts with a bottom piece that’s usually thick plastic and snap in side pieces. Either design is relatively inexpensive and easy to replace when worn and damaged.

Especially when you are looking for a cheap bed ship that stacks up to the hardest use, a custom drop in bed ship may be the most suitable choice for your truck.

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