Online Judi DVD “Akan Membayar Berapun Kehma” (The Art of Letting Go – A Kan Education) by B.S.R. Rama

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Online Judi is a popular venue for practicing Judo by a large number of students in the UK and around the globe. song-bai-online/ Adalah Jiri is a magazine published in Pakistan, India, China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and the United States that features a variety of Judo content. These Judo articles include a wide range of topics such as: Chinese Opinars, the Art of Shodokan, Chinese Sauayo, The Ancient Guard, Chinese Zhen Jiu, Chinese Karate, The Healing Power of Qi, and many more.

Online Judi includes commentaries by a variety of authors from all over the world, including those with a background in Judo, or having little knowledge of the sport. This article is by none other than Professor Yang, an internationally known educator who holds a doctorate in Education and a PhD in Education. Professor Yang’s vast experience as an instructor and researcher has allowed him to comment on Judo topics from a Chinese perspective, and therefore one can see his comments on online audio forums as being very relevant to students studying the sport. He has also written several books on Judo, which are very popular amongst Judo students.

Online Judi consists of videos, and it appears to be the largest Judo club in Pakistan. Some of its members are from China, Japan and Russia. It is led by Professor Yang, and it advertises the use of a traditional Chinese technique called dengan. The dental technique was introduced into Chinese martial arts by the late Prof. Yang Sikho, and Prof. Xiong Hsu, both from the Beijing University of Arts. Online Judi has received a lot of criticism and scrutiny from western Judo specialists.

Some of these include comments like “The people behind Judo are very strange,” and “There are too many errors in this online game,” etc. But Prof. Yang has dismissed such comments as coming from ignorant Judo fans, and suggested that such criticisms were due to jealousy – the desire for more and higher achievements. He maintained that the overwhelming majority of Judo enthusiasts were not jealous, and that there were no plans for expansion, no money involved, and that the Judo Association would soon start selling more of its products online. He added that there was nothing wrong with this, and that many of the best Judo clubs in the world sell their products on the Internet. The aim of Judo clubs, he maintained, was to ensure that the sport reached out to more people, and to help introduce the sport to people living in rural areas who might otherwise have never even heard of it.

According to Prof. Yang, the biggest obstacle to Judo being accepted into the private life of ordinary people is education. Many people, he said, are unfamiliar with the principles and history of Judo, and are unaware of its wide range of applications. For example, he cited a case where a school had organized a competition for junior students to demonstrate the art of arnis on the field, and one of the students, a woman in her late thirties, had joined the club but was unaware of the fact that the art of Judo was originally a form of karate. Another example cited by Prof. Yang was that of a university student who, in order to improve his writing skills, had become interested in Judo, and had therefore enrolled to study the subject at the university.

In conclusion, Online Judo DVD “Akan Membayar berapun Kehma” (The Art of Letting Go – Akan Education) by B.S. Rama provides an interesting window into the world of Judo, with interviews with notable Judo figures, a look at training methods from various schools around the country, and a detailed explanation of the different levels of Judo, with an emphasis on the mental and physical aspects. The DVD includes a short segment on the mental preparation and training, an interview with Dr. B.S.R. quoting the need for mental toughness, and an interview with Judo master Takuo Aiyake with whom Prof. Yang engages with to discuss Judo training philosophy.

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