Tips on Aging Your Model Truck

January 10, 2021 by No Comments

One of the things that model truck fans love to do is to add details to their trucks. One of the nicest things spray on bedliner detailing is the depth at which you can go. You can do everything from creating custom paint jobs to changing out different parts. You can actually go with as detailing as you want. There is one sure fire way to make your truck look like it is a miniature of the real thing. This way is to weather your truck. It will look like a blast from the past that has been hiding in someone’s garage for many years. You will first need to know the relative age at which you want to place your vehicle.

If the truck is to look like it has been hail damaged or has suffered from chipped paint over its lifetime then you have a very easy job ahead of you. You can start by priming your truck with a silver colored spray paint. This will give the appearance of a full steel body on your truck. You can then apply your paint job. Make sure when you do this that you leave a bit of silver showing through. The silver will make it look as if you have lost paint on your truck over time. It will also appear chipped if you leave some straight edges to these silver spots. If you are looking for the best spots to apply this sort of painting technique then you don’t have to look too far. Just use it on areas that are prone to chipping and scratching. This can include your fender and bumper as well as wheel wells and doors.

You can also add a bit of damage to your model truck. By adding this sort of touch you can make your model truck appear as if it has been through the wringer. You can accomplish this in a few different way. One such way is to use a sharp hobby knife or pin press to created some simulated bullet holes. This will help it to look as if it has been shot many times. You can take your hobby knife to create a little bit of damage to your wheel wells, your bumper or even your fender. This will help add the appearance of some severe damage to your truck. You can also damage the bed of your truck if you have added a bed liner. To do this just use the hobby knife to create some scratching and even some deeper cuts in the liner after you have applied it. One thing you will want to remember is that once you make such a drastic change you will not be able to easily undo it. You must make sure that you are read to create permanent changes such as these.

Another possible option is the addition of a texture to the undercarriage of the model truck as well as the frame. To do so you will have to sand it with some very low grit sandpaper after you have completed the paint job. Make sure to do so very lightly so that you don’t remove too much of the material. You will just want to lightly damage the paint job not burn a hole through the model. With a bit of creative thinking and some forward planning you will be able to nicely damage your automobile. The model truck will be a one of a kind since you will have been the one to detail the model the way you have seen fit. Before long you will have a set of trucks that appear to have been rolled straight off of the assembly line.

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